The NatureXtracts’ freeze-dried green banana flour is manufactured with no artificial colours or preservatives, just 100% Madeira Island bananas. In the freeze-drying process, water is removed from the green bananas at low temperatures, keeping all the nutritional properties of the food. Our product is processed in such a gentle way that no protein or complex molecules are denatured. As such, in the presence of yeast or baking powder, our green banana flour behaves like an ordinary flour and can be used in the confection of cakes, cookies and bread.
The green banana flour is gluten-free, low in sugars (concentration <1 g per 100 g flour) rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and resistant starch. Unlike other carbohydrates, resistant starch is not digested or absorbed in the small intestine. It is converted by bacteria in the large intestine into butyrate, a source of energy for our body.
The resistant starch action:
- Blocks the proliferation of tumour cells of colon cancer
- Significantly reduces the symptoms of diarrhoea
- Prevents the onset of diabetes
- Promotes weight loss
- Increases the absorption of minerals, particularly calcium
Applications: cakes, cookies, bread, pastas and sauces. As a dietary supplement adding 1 tablespoon to milkshakes, drinks, yogurts or soups.
NatureXtracts' green banana flour has a high content in resistant starch that allows in cook using less flour.

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